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Our mission is to preserve fa’asamoa through fostering connections, collaboration, and community. We aim to uplift tagata Samoa by exclusively working with Samoan creatives and building strong relationships to cultivate trust within our community. We maintain accessibility by continuously partnering with organizations for book donations, ensuring that gagana Samoa board books exist in the world for every pepe.

  • Duseigneur

    Born and raised in the village of Amouli, American Samoa, Duseigneur is the youngest of 8. His parents worked hard every day to make sure he had the best life he could have; when he was 24 he moved to Seattle, Washington to return the favor of providing for his family. He loves his siblings fiercely and his parents are his heroes. Duseigneur takes after his father in his faith, being a provider and his loyalty to those he loves. He is an amazing husband and father who respects his culture deeply. He is working hard to raise his sons with the values and traditions passed down by his family.

  • Jimmi

    A San Diego, California native, Jimmi was raised by her single mother and the community who helped her. Although hardship was no stranger, her mom did the best she could to giver her a life she deserved. When Jimmi was nearly 12, she was blessed with a baby sister to mentor and instill the values and strength their mother taught her. Coming from a strong line of independent women who carved their way, Jimmi is proud to raise her two sons with the respect and independence she learned as a child. A loving mother, wife and nurturer, she is honoring her husband‘s and sons’ Samoan culture by using her talents to bring their language to bookshelves everywhere they are wanted.

  • Duseigneur and Jimmi have been connected by the Pacific Ocean since they were born - without even knowing. Their love for the ccean, while from different perspectives, is something that reminds them of their connectedness to their roots and each other. Through endurance and fate, they happened to meet while both transplants in the Seattle area. They are happily married and parents to two strong boys. They love to snuggle up and stay cozy, and adventure on their own terms.

    “Pepe Faitau book company is a passion project born out of a deep desire to have board books in our home that can help us raise our babies bilingual in a multi cultural home.“

    From our aiga to yours, fa'afetai tele lava.

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Samoan Language Editor

Lilieni (Lillian) Arp 

Born in Upolu, Samoa, grown in Hawaii, Saipan and New Zealand, I'm a wordsmith, designer and developer currently in a long-term hyperfixation with the Samoan language and culture. 

And sometimes I make art. 



Dalcetta Palepale

Mother of two and Seattle based artist, Dalcetta Palepale, creates uplifting work that offers another space for Polynesians to feel seen and included. Weaving her Samoan and Tongan culture through her art, she hopes to tell stories that her children and children’s children can pass on.

Pictured is her as a baby visiting her mothers mother, Tuaula K. Sivaivai, in her family's village of Fa’ilolo American Samoa


Illustrator of Faitau Pi: The Samoan Alphabet and O Le Aso Na Vaai Ai Le Masina I Le La

Kerilyn Clarke

I am a māmā to my son Mākoha, based here in South Auckland, New Zealand and of Māori (Ngāti Porou) and Sāmoan (Letogo, Upolu / Faala Palauli, Savai’i) descent.

Kreated by Kerilyn was created to showcase my love and passion for family and culture through digital art, intertwining my Māori and Sāmoan roots in the hope of inspiring and educating our community.

Kreated by Kerilyn

illustrator of O A'u Upu Muamua E 101 I Le Gagana Samoa

Anna Mayo (Bam Brooks)

Anna Mayo (Bam Brooks) is a Sāmoan visual and performing artist based in New York City who started making comics in the summer of 2021 and decided to never stop. Anna is so excited to be working with Pepe Faitau!


illustrator of La’u tusi alagaupu samoa muamua

Aurofa’i Pasi

talofa lava~ my name is aurofa’i (banana gold) and i am a mixed heritage sāmoan on tongva land. my queer audacity tells me i can do anything and this week its being an illustrator! i am excited to work with pepe faitau to help nurture language and community among our peoples.