"E le tu fa’amauga se tagata"

Nobody stands alone like an island, it is important that we work together as a team.

Here's a few ways to work with us to get your idea in a book

Your Options

Self Publishing Checklist + Workbook

$99 USD

100% Self directed. You are the mastermind behind the whole production!

A step by step checklist on the Self-publishing process that we use.

This option includes relevant categories and links needed to self publish including our printer's contact information if you'd like to reach out to them as your printer for self distribution.

A workbook to work through the checklist in a thoughtful and deliberate way for maximum organization, inspiration and success.

We offer basic help sessions via email and zoom. If you need more in-depth help, zoon sessions will be charged at $30 USD per half hour.

Team Collaboration

$299 USD

You are the creative, we do the administration work.

A brief, not complete, overview of what we do for you:

  • Send you our Self-publishing Checklist to reference and workbook to work through.
  • Get the dimensions/template for the size of your book for you to follow.
  • Maintain all supplier quote requests in a readable spreadsheet.
  • Handle all supplier communications (quotes, ordering, shipping)
  • Facilitate sample orders.
  • Facilitate bulk order to your location.
  • All ISBN, ordering for shipping and printing (all fees are your responsibility.)

What you do (the fun parts!):

  • Assemble content
  • Design the covers
  • Set your sale price
  • Approve samples

With this collaboration:

  • Full contract agreement included.
  • Invoicing for services provided for tax purposed on your end.

Book Layout and Cover Design - ONLY

$399 USD

You just want layout help.

You supply the artwork, book dimensions, fully edited language content, and your vision along with formatting requirements from the distributor/printer. We lay it all out in pdf format for you to submit to your own printer, use with Amazon KDP publishing or for submitting with any other book distributer.

2 revisions included per page. Each additional revision is 5$ per page.

please note: All fees are your responsibility. (ISBN, ordering, shipping and printing fees)

A brief, not complete, overview of what we do for you:

  • Book layout and design (with input and collab with you).
  • Full contract agreement included.
  • Invoicing for services provided for tax purposes on your end.

FULL Assistance for self publishing

$499 USD

You just want someone to do it ALL for you.

You supply the artwork and fully edited language content in the correct format and size, and we do everything else. All ISBN, ordering, shipping and printing fees are your responsibility.

A brief, not complete, overview of what we do for you:

  • ISBN ordering
  • Supplier/printer quotes
  • Order placing and shipping
  • Book layout and design (with input and collab with you)
  • Full Contract Agreement Included.
Fees must be paid in full before work will start on your project. You are responsible for the ISBN fee, all ordering, printing, shipping and delivery fees associated with your book as they come up. A full detailed timeline will be provided to you with the contract terms. 10% discount for every additional project.
Please note we are not a publishing company and we do not distribute your books for you. We help with the design, formalities and ordering process to help facilitate the self-publishing process for you to place a bulk order and self-distribute.

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