Now, pay what you can.

In a thoughtful and deliberate move, we have decided to change the way we sell our books when it comes to our prices. This is driven by a deep commitment to accessibility. Your support has been instrumental in bringing us to this point, allowing us to take a bold step towards making books more accessible to all. We are implementing a “pay what you can” model to our shop. There will now be three payment options for each book, and we are hoping to create a sustainable honor based community within our customer base. If you can afford to pay the higher price, please do so. It allows us to sell some at the lower price points for those who truly need it.

Our wholesale pricing will remain the same. We recognize the potential challenges this may bring in terms of maintaining our book stock and enabling wholesalers to make a substantial profit. We will support our wholesale stockists' autonomy in choosing their own retail price points. However, prioritizing the preservation of Gagana Samoa, providing accessible cultural resources, and getting our books into the hands of those who seek them have always been more important to us than maximizing our own profits since the creation of Pepe Faitau Book Co.
It's essential to recognize that this decision doesn't diminish our understanding of the value and quality of our offerings. Rather, it reflects our genuine desire to simply contribute to a world with more Samoan baby books, creating a richer cultural library for your homes, and bridging the gap in Samoan resources available for our tamaiti. This move is not about questioning our worth or compromising on quality; it's about realizing the transformative power of literature and the impact it can have when more people have access to it.
We express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who has supported us along this journey. Your belief in our mission has empowered us to take this significant step and trust that it's the right move for us as both a business and a family. As we place this same trust back in you—our customers and supporters, together, we look forward to a future where more books find their way into the hands and hearts of readers everywhere. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.
xx, Duseigneur & Jimmi Sivia