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BOTH Digital and Physical Copies - Gagana Samoa Household Labels

BOTH Digital and Physical Copies - Gagana Samoa Household Labels

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** This is an instant digital download AND a physical copy mailed to you following our regular shipping terms**

Embrace the beauty of Gagana Samoa while organizing your home with these minimal and educational household labels. Each label is designed with the Samoan word and English translation to help you learn Gagana Samoa by associating words with everyday items around your house.


  • Set of 80+ labels in Gagana Samoa and English
  • Categories: Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, and Miscellaneous items
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Blank labels to add your own


  • Enhance language skills while organizing your living space.
  • Perfect for Samoan language learners of all ages.
  • Encourages cultural appreciation and understanding.

Usage Ideas:

  1. Stick labels on corresponding items around the house.
  2. Use labels as flashcards for language learning sessions.
  3. Engage in interactive games or quizzes with family and friends to reinforce vocabulary.


*If/when we add more words, you will automatically receive the additional words emailed to you at no extra cost. 

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Customer Reviews

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Miracle Teo
Love the household labels and books!

A cousin and I are starting a Samoan learning course for our children and coming across these household labels and books are perfect for what we're doing! We love everything about it. Definitely will recommend :)