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Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

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You are the creative, we do the administration work.

A brief, not complete, overview of what we do for you:

  • Send you our Self-publishing Checklist to reference and workbook to work through.
  • Get the dimensions/template for the size of your book for you to follow.
  • Maintain all supplier quote requests in a readable spreadsheet.
  • Handle all supplier communications (quotes, ordering, shipping)
  • Facilitate sample orders.
  • Facilitate bulk order to your location.
  • All ISBN, ordering for shipping and printing (all fees are your responsibility.)

What you do (the fun parts!):

  • Assemble content
  • Design the covers
  • Set your sale price
  • Approve samples

With this collaboration:

  • Full contract agreement included.
  • Invoicing for services provided for tax purposed on your end.
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